Copper: An alternative to full replacement

When a copper surface patina has stabilized to its mature blue/green colour, replacing incremental components becomes difficult unless there is a store of equally aged copper on hand, often the alternative option to fully replace the entire feature is impractical or too expensive.

If the missing aged copper components are replaced with new copper, the effect can be patchy and the patina could take 50-70 years to blend with the current aged look.
A new alternative has arrived on the market that can be manufactured to mimic the aged copper patina, but in a multi-layered digital coating, all we require is a photograph of the existing finish and a sheet of specially coated aluminum can be manufactured, it will look identical to the existing finish, the same colour, the same matt finish and the aluminium can be fabricated in a similar way to copper.
This product comes with a 30 year warranty against flaking, peeling, excessive fading or perforation (Subject to specific environments).

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