Light Interference Colour (LIC) Tiles


This beautiful colour effect is created using LIC tiles from the USA and are now available in NZ. The effect is the result of an electro-chemical process which thickens the naturally occurring chromium oxide on stainless steel. The clear oxide layer acts like a raindrop which creates the rainbow. Wheat, bronze, slate, purple, blue, red, and green are just some of the colours obtained . Since the colour is only perceived and it is light  interference on the surface of the material, UV cannot effect the colour. Installations more than 30 years old have not shown any change. LIC creates more artistic variable colours than a uniform static paint colour. Since the colour is dependent on light; light conditions and viewing angles will have a varying effect on the perceived colour.
TARC can custom fabricate a flat lock tile to suit any project or the system is available in a preformed tile.
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