The SSS Open Purlin Tray Roofing System is here!

The Architectural Roofing Company is proud to announce the arrival of the Standing Seam SnapLock Open Purlin System in the South Island, the system is a practical, and easy to install roofing option that looks great, delivers the the same beautiful lines and constantly changing shadow points of interest that a standard snap lock roof delivers, but without the additional cost of installing a plywood sarking.
The tray width varies from 305mm to 558mm, the seam is a nominal 38mm, the minimum pitch is 8 degrees, the fixings are the same concealed clips that are used with our other standing seam roof options.
The system can be used with either 0.55mm prepainted steel or 0.7mm+ aluminium, with a choice of colours and finishes to suit any taste and environment.
When tested at the NZMRM Air box test rig in Huntly, the 0.55mm prepainted steel achieved a ULS of 7.25kPa, and the 0.8mm aluminium achieved a ULS of 6.2kPa.
For a copy of TARC Bulletin 29 outling this versatile and cost effective roofing solution email: or call 0800 502004