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11/2018 | Statement of Change

Vektor Smart Objekt copy

Simple change, significant impact. How a new roof on a Central Otago home elevated an update to a design metamorphosis.

Potential, awakened. A striking modernisation of profile and colour. The single—lock standing seam brings a sharp, taut appearance to the steeply inclined roof. Broadness, depth and shadow lines refresh the home with a sophisticated, expansive effect.

Potential brought to light

The drama of Anthracite makes an elegant contrast to the exposed wood frames and supports. A departure from the pre-vious earth-omearth tones, it enhances the presence of the new roof's stronger angles and cleaner lines. Multidimensional, PRITA P10 textured shades create depth and interest as each colour casts differently but uniformly -- in full sun and shadow. Nuanced, responsive to light. A palette to express, or redefine, the personality of every design.

06/2018 | A Material Difference - Natural Zinc vs Coil-coated aluminium


Quality design is a mix of fine art, science, technology and environmental awareness, so choosing the right material for the roofing element is one of many decisions a designer makes.

In today's news-stream we're comparing natural zinc with coil-coated aluminium cladding. Both come in at a similar cost, so the choice between the two more often depends on the finer points of what’s important to the designer and the values of the project. We hope we can inspire your vision for magnificent roof and cladding designs of the future, and that you achieve the look and performance that brings your vision to life.

The nature of zinc

Over time zinc weathers from a lustrous shine to a beautifully textured matte-grey patina, giving dynamic and striking results.

The longstanding tradition of Natural Zinc with European architecture is finding new expression in NZ. Its durability and resistance to corrosion are exceptional. Malleable and flexible - it meets every architectural demand.

Benefits of natural zinc

  • A natural material
  • Blue/grey patina forms over time
  • Durable, with low to no maintenance
  • Low carbon footprint at manufacture
  • 100% recyclable & no plastic film
  • Easy to profile and form
  • Sealant free roofs are achievable
  • Variety of applications to roof, facade, roof drainage and architectural detail

The consistency of aluminium

Aluminium allows designers to realise the colours of their imaginations with the unique finishes of coil-coated aluminium, and consistency across batches.

Coil-Coated Aluminium offers aesthetic shaping for cladding and roof, while remaining cost favourable. Its corrosion resistance is ideal for coastal areas. Diverse colour options ensure a good fit with the surroundings.

Benefits of coil-coated aluminium

  • Cost savings when compared to other coating processes
  • Uniform quality and exterior durability
  • Large range of colours to match other elements
  • Can be custom coloured as required
  • Can be shaped to any design
  • The most ’green' and efficient coating process
  • Material weight is low, and easy to transport
  • 30-year coating warranty

Natural or consistent - both have their place

The choice of a natural zinc or coil-coated aluminum roof comes down to your design, how it interacts with other elements of the building and environment, and how you wish to project space, light and form. As your partner in architectural roof design, we're hereto assist you at every stage. Our internationally trained team are available to discuss your project and offer their expertise and experience. We look forward to working with you.

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